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Here is a series of images showing the progression I have made towards my 48 state goal on my motorcycle.
2015 (Proposed) - Key West and Daytona Beach with Ron and Shawn. Blog of 2015 Bike Week Trip
2014 - Daytona Beach and Key West with Ron. Gosh, Key West is packed during spring break!
Tail of the Dragon as a late summer run.
2013 - No Daytona (Saving vacation days for West Coast trip)
July was a DREAM West Coast trip. 7375 miles. Marion flew out to San Diego to join me for the California coast up to San Francisco. Blog of 2013 West Coast Trip
2012 - No Daytona (Bahamas cruise with Marion and kids)
Did the Tail of the Dragon with my nephew Shawn.
Rode to Indiana to pick up my Time Out trailer. :-D Camped in NY in September to try it out.
2011 - Daytona in March. Rode down. Blog of 2011 Bike Week Trip
Took a late summer trip down to Gulf Shores, New Orleans and rode the Natchez Trace Home. Blog of 2011 Fall Bike Trip
2010 - Daytona in February/March. Rode down. Rode over to NJ to see Eric. On the way home I grabbed the top end of the Skyline Drive and rode it and the Blue Ridge Parkway all thw way down. Did the Tail. Stood on top of Mt Mitchel.
2009 - Key West and Daytona in February/March. Trailered down to Alabama with Dad and Ron. Picked up John and Rae. Watched sunsets in the Keys and did Bike Week.
Blog of 2009 Bike Week Trip
Also had a quick trip to the Tail of the Dragon.
2008 - Another trip to the Tail of the Dragon, this time with my Dad on his Harley Sportster and Ron. I got called from work to hurry home to fly to Jackson to see a client. I could not make it home in time, but I was 8 hours away by bike. Sent Dad and Ron home, cut my vacation short by a day and added a few more southern states to my travel list. Got to stop in to Tupelo and see my brother Eric.
2007 - The vacation plans were jumbled when I was hit. Foot injury but able to walk. Nighthawk totaled. Wifey said that the next bike had to be noticeable. So the 07 Goldwing was purchased. 2 trips down to see the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and ride the Tail of the Dragon. 318 curves in 11 miles. First trip solo, and the second with my brother-in-law Ron, who rode his 89 Goldwing.
2006 - I purchased a used 1998 Honda 750 Nighthawk. Fun to ride and the price was well within my budget. Started out with small rides around the northern half of the state. Started making plans for longer rides in 07.

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